Ownership and Usage of Materials

Upon receipt of final payment, KRT (KRT Graphic Design) releases ownership of graphic content (designs, logos, illustrations, photography, etc.) to the client. However KRT reserves the right to use any graphic content developed by KRT, regardless of ownership, for display and self-promotional purposes.

Until payment is received, KRT retains and reserves all rights to said materials complete or incomplete.

Initial Payment

Upon receipt of a verbal or written order, KRT will secure an initial fee of one quarter the estimated total cost to cover expenses before beginning work. The initial fee is a retainer and is non-refundable. The following are exceptions to this rule:
- Web Hosting - Full payment
- Web SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Full payment

If the project or service is extended while in progress, KRT may secure an interim payment in an amount agreed upon by the client. These fees are non-refundable.

The customer may terminate the project at any time with no additional cost, however, KRT retains and reserves all rights to any graphic material or content developed by KRT.

When the project is complete, KRT will secure final payment and release all graphic content to the client.


The client is entirely responsible for obtaining Copyright or Trademark for the graphic content created by KRT. KRT assumes no liability or responsibility in the event the client cannot obtain Trademark or Copyright for the said material.



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